WWBT PRO/AM at the California Delta

A couple solid California Delta largemouth bass!

The Wild West Bass Trail Pro/Am on the California Delta was an awesome event and I can't thanks GCI Outdoor enough for sponsoring the event, and making it possible for me to participate.

The WWBT has off limits rules that are in place until two days prior to an event, so I drove up to the area on a Tuesday where I stayed at Sugar Barge Resort and Marina. Follow along with my vlog: California Delta or Bust! On the road to the Delta Presented by GCI Outdoor!

The following day was the first day of practice. The first day of practice is always an unknown. There are so many questions that you are trying to answer. Is the bite good or bad, are you catching quality or not? What baits should I be throwing? What area of the lake should I be fishing? The list of questions can go on and on! My entire first day of practice is available here: California Delta - Wild West Bass Trail Pro/Am - Presented By GCI Outdoor - Practice Day 1

On the second day of practice I went to a different area of the Delta to see if I could get better quality bites. The fishing wasn't easy in this area of the Delta and I ran back to the areas where I caught fish on the previous day. I was hoping to find more areas I could fish in the tournament. Follow along my day 2 of practice here: California Delta - Wild West Bass Trail Pro/Am - Presented By GCI Outdoor - Practice Day 2

After practice was over, it was time to get all the tackle prepped and ready to go for the first day of the event. I knew that I wanted to throw a square bill crank bait as much as possible. Unfortunately, that bite didn't hold up very well during this first day. I managed to catch just under 14lbs, which kept me in the hunt, but I had a lot of ground to make up on the second day of the tournament. Follow along day one of the event here: 2019 Wild West Bass Trail Pro Am - California Delta - Day 1 - Presented by GCI Outdoor

The second day of the event did not go as hoped for. I though I was going to be able to get some quality bites, but only managed one. The bite was very tough for me on this day. I was fortunate to bring in a limit. I had 4 fish by 10:00 am, but wasn't able to catch my 5th keeper until the very end of the day. Bringing in 5 is always part of the goal, but these 5 only weighing slightly over 10lbs, wasn't going to give me what I needed to have a good finish. Follow along day 2 here: 2019 Wild West Bass Trail Pro Am - California Delta - Day 2 - Presented by GCI Outdoor

As always, I had a great time out at the event, but would have loved to have a better finish than 77th place. I still have a lot to learn, and will not give up. I'd love to spend more time out at the Delta, and it may be something I try to do more of in the future!

The next event will be the WON Bass US Open at Lake Mead in October!

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