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Best Worm You Haven’t Fished Yet - 6th Sense Fishing Glitch 3.8

If you’re looking for more information about the 6th Sense Fishing Glitch, want to feel confident about the Glitch’s ability to catch fish, and some of the best ways to rig it, then you’re in the right place. I’ve been fishing this bait for a while now and have caught a ton of fish on it! Also, if after this article you want to get some of these 6th Sense Glitch baits to fish for yourself, make sure to use my 6th Sense Fishing discount code Luna10 at the 6th Sense website. I put the link and discount code for the 6th Sense Fishing website at the end of the article as well as some of my favorite equipment for fishing a drop shot.

One of my favorite ways to rig a 6th Sense Glitch is nose hooked. This is where you are using a smaller drop shot hook, and go directly through the nose of the bait. The hook point is exposed and outside the worm, so it's not weedless.

1st rigging method - Nose Hooked

Not weedless

Best action

good hook up ratio

Don’t use too big of hook

Another option is threading the worm down through the bait similar to how you would rig a swimbait onto a jig head. The hook is exposed, so it is not weedless, and you'll get great hook up ratios, but you may loose action in the worm.

2nd method - Exposed hook

Good hook up ratio

Less action than nose hooked

Good when fish are short biting the bait

Don’t use too big of a hook

The next method I want to discuss is a texas rigged glitch. This allows you to fish around heavy cover, and reduce the amount of times you snagged dramatically.

3rd method -Texas Rigged


Not as good of hook up ratio

Less Action

Don't use too big of a hook

The final method is a texas rig but instead of going directly into the center of the worm, you go through the side. The key is to only skin hook the worm. This allows it to easily come out of the worm during a hook set, but maintains that weedless presentation.

4th - Texas rigged on the side of the bait


Good hook up ratio

Don’t forget about my 6th Sense discount code, Luna10, along with the links in the description of the article.

As you can see the glitch is a perfect bait for the drop shot, and if you want to see a video I made to get a better visualization of what I'm talking about in this video, watch it on YouTube here:

Use code Luna10 at

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Drop Shot Weights:

Braided Main Line 10lb test:

Fluorocarbon Line:

Shimano Spinning Reel:

Daiwa Spinning Reel:

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