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Rods I Use

Picking the right rod is very hard to do. You never know exactly how they will behave until they are in the water. Sometimes it’s nice to have a guide to get you pointed in the right direction.

I’ve been fishing with the different 6th Sense Fishing rods for a while now, and have gotten pretty dialed in on what rods I like for each technique. In this article, I have broken down the specific rods I use from each of the different models 6th Sense offers and what techniques I’m using that rod specifically for.

If you decide to buy any of these rods, or any other 6th Sense Fishing gear, please use my discount code Luna10 and save some money!

Also, I protect all my rods with the 6th Sense Fishing rod sleeves! They are the best on the market, hands down!

Unicorn 7'3" Med-Hvy, Fast

Jigs up to ½oz, texas rigs, jika rig, swimjig, lipless crankbait

Unicorn 7'4" Heavy, Fast

Heavier jigs, carolina rig, wobble head, lighter alabama rig, buzzbait

Unicorn 6'11" Med-Hvy, Fast

Skipping pitching docks with chatterbait, swimjigs

Sensory 7'7" Heavy, Fast

Flipping and punching

Sensory 7'3" Heavy, Fast


Sensory 7'2" Medium, Fast

Jerkbaits, light worms, drop shot

Team 6 - 7'8" Med-Hvy, Moderate

Medium depth crankbaits 10’ - 15’

Team 6 - 7'9" Extra-Heavy, Mod-Fast

Swimbaits - 6th Sense Draw

Divine - Spinning Rod - 7'3" Medium, Fast

Wacky rigs, heavier ned rigs

Divine 7'3" Med-Hvy, Fast

Chatterbaits, spinnerbaits

ESP 7'2" Med-Hvy, Mod Fast

Crush 50XSquarebills, Cloud 9 C6, Flat 75

ESP 7'9" Medium, Moderate

Cloud 9 C6, Curve 55, Speed Wake

Lux 7'2" Med-Hvy, Mod Fast

Crush 50X Squarebills, Crush Flat 75

Lux 8'0" Heavy, Mod Fast

Deep Crankbaits Cloud 9 C25

Lux 7'11" Med-Hvy, Moderate (The Cloud 9 Cranker)

Medium to Deep Crankbaits Cloud 9C15 - C20

Milliken Series - 6'10" Medium, Med Fast (Spinning Rod)

Drop Shot

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