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Punching for Bass in Thick Grass Mats

Free Downloadable Punching PDF linked below

After my event on the California Delta I stayed the following day and made my first attempt at punching grass mats. The giant largemouth bass at the California Delta can be caught by punching a large tungsten weight through the thick grass mats that cover the shore line.

I had virtually no experience punching prior to this trip because there isn't any cover like this near my home waters, so I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and try to learn a little more about punching for bass.

One of the first things I did prior to starting the trip was talk to a Northern California anglers to try and gain some insight into what to look for when punching. He explained I needed to find areas in the 4-5 foot zone, and also look for grass that is laid over. There are multiple types of grass within the Delta, so I just went fishing and looked for what I thought was right!

One of the next things I did, was look for a YouTube video that explained how to tie a snell knot. I found this video: Snell Knot Video. This video was helpful in teaching me the mechanics of tying the knot. I must have messed it up at least once, because I broke off the 65lb braid on a hook set during this trip, but tried it again and didn't have any issues. It's a fairly simple knot to tie.

I was able to fish around for a few hours, and managed to get 2-3 bites. I knew going into the trip the punching bite wasn't very good, but I wanted to force myself to learn the mechanics and how the technique worked. I landed one small fish, so I felt the trip was a success!

Follow along, and watch my trip out punching on the California Delta!


Some of the items used in the video are no longer available, so the current model is linked.

The punch rod that I was using was a Powell Max 765. This rod in particular is no longer available, but a comparable model is the Powell Endurance 765.

The reel I was using was a Shimano Curado 200e7, which is no longer made. A great option for you is the Shimano Curado K or the Daiwa Tatula SV.

A great option in fishing line to go punching with is 65lb Power Pro Braid.

When you are punching you are going to be using a large tungsten Punch Weight. There are many different options available, so just choose a large enough size to help you get through the thick cover.

The hook is another important factor when punching. Owner Hooks make great hooks, and what I would purchase in the future, but I already had some VMC Flipping Hooks in the boat, and are what I was using in the video.

The punch bait you choose will mostly end up being personal preference. There are a number of different options when it comes to the plastic bait you pair with your punching set up. The following baits are great options for you!

A bobber stopper is another item you don't want to overlook. This keeps your weight from sliding up and down your line. This will help you get in and out of the cover with as little issues as possible.

Punch skirts are also an accessory you can pair up with you punch baits and punch rigs.

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