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Deep Dive on the 6th Sense Bongo 3.7

Sometimes being first to show the fish something new will give you an edge and help you catch more and bigger fish. After this article about a fairly new soft plastic bait, you’ll have that chance! We are talking all about the 6th Sense Bongo 3.7.

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6th Sense is constantly coming out with new products, and they have done it again with the Bongo 3.7. This bait has 3D scales to give it a lot of realism. The bait is 3.7” long and has a thin body that also allows for increased action of the claws which moves more water and can attract more fish. This bait can be rigged a ton of different ways, and I’m going to talk to you about a few of my favorites for the Bongo, which are the texas rig, carolina rig, chatterbait, and as a jig trailer.

Texas rig

Any craw style bait matches up perfectly for a texas rig. When you rig a bait like the bongo on a texas rig you can cast it out and work a slow retrieve back, flip it to shallow cover, or even punch it through thick vegetation. I’d recommend a 4/0 EWG style hook. The 4/0 6th Sense Stout Widegap hook is a great option.

Carolina Rig

I throw a carolina rig a lot, and it’s actually one of my favorite techniques. I plan to be throwing the Bongo on a carolina rig when I’m looking for a more compact look than your traditional carolina rig baits. Once again, I’d recommend a 4/0 6th Sense Stout Widegap hook for the bongo on a carolina rig.


Having different trailers to pair with a chatterbait is key. Trailers have a big effect on the type of depth you’ll get out of a chatterbait, and how much action the bait will produce. The bongo can be rigged vertically on a chatterbait or horizontally. The horizontal presentation will give it more of a craw style look, and keep it higher in the water column, and a vertical presentation will give a more bait fish style presentation.

Jig Trailer

I think when most people see the bongo at first they think jig trailer, which was my first thought as well. One thing about the body of this bait that I really like is how thin it is, and also how streamlined it is. This will allow me to cut down the body of the bait, if I need to make my jig more compact, and a smaller profile. Sometimes bass want a smaller profile on a jig, and having a trailer like the bongo that you can cut down, makes a big difference.

If you want to see this bait in action with underwater footage of this bait on the various presentation discussed in this article, check out my youtube video here:

Also, if you want to get some of these baits for yourself, head over to, and use my discount code Luna10!

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