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Upon purchasing the Online Coaching Program, you will recieve a 17 page, downloadable PDF, that will contain everything you need to go through the coaching program.  The PDF contains links to over 90 minuets of video content.  There are 5 specific lessons with corresponding videos.  These videos were specifically created for this program.  There are tackle suggestions, with links, that are associated each of the 5 lessons within the program.  
There is so much fishing information available to you online, yet the hours needed to read, watch, and put into practice all that information can be overwhelming.  
I’ve tried to put a program together that will help you get going in the right direction!  I wanted to create a program that alleviates all the time you would need to spend searching online, watching videos, reading articles, and deciphering what information was good or bad.  
The first lesson starts off by breaking down the one rod and reel combo you need as a beginner, and then goes into detail about the following techniques: The Drop Shot, The Senko, The Ned Rig, and The Darter Head.
My goal for you after going through this program is that you will be a more confident and knowledgeable fisherman.  A fisherman that has multiple techniques in their arsenal that will assist them in catching more fish!  A fisherman that can look at different cover and structure on a lake and fish it effectively.  A fisherman that knows about quality tackle and what to look for when making your own tackle purchases.
Ultimately, my goal for you with this program is to equip you with the knowledge and ability to catch more fish!

Here are some testimonials from fisherman who have gone through the program!

“I recently purchased the Matt Luna Online Fishing Coaching Program and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! Not only do you get access to the mind of a professional angler, you get to see detailed information on the exact baits, techniques, and key components of what has made Matt so successful! The biggest differentiator in purchasing his coaching platform than others is actually having exclusive access to him to ask specific questions in response to YOUR personal experience. He is responsive and is the only person that is crazier than I am when it comes to catching bass! Thanks Matt!” - - Samuel Jameson, Las Vegas Nevada

Matt Luna Fishing Online Coaching Program