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WaterLand Sunglasses Review

If you watch my YouTube channel you have heard me talk about WaterLand Sunglasses a lot this year. The company has grown, the number of frame options has increased, and more apparel has become available as well. In today's blog, I want to talk to you about why you should be wearing WaterLand sunglasses on and off the water.

WaterLand has given me a discount code to use on their site, The code is Luna15.


Back in 2017, WaterLand got professional and recreational fishermen from all over the country to begin testing in every condition you can think of. They wanted to give you the ability to see underwater objects without noticing the water. They wanted a contrast so defined that every detail and action of a fish swimming could be seen. They came up with the HueView lens technology.

Polycarbonate Lenses

Polycarbonate Lenses are known for being lightweight and have high levels of impact resistance. If you’ve been on the water for a long days, you know that having light sunglasses is a must, and when you are fishing in close quarters and setting the hook, you never know when something may be flying back at your face.

What's on the Lens that makes them good?

-Anti-reflective coating - cuts down reflections and increases crispness of view

-100% UVA and UVB Protection - protection from sun

-HueView Polarization Layer - absorbs glare, boosts color and enhances contrast so you see vivid images

-Mirror Finish - reflects light off lens to creator brighter field of vision

-Scratch Resistant Coating - 2 coats of scratch resistant to prevent damage from accidents

-Hydro and Oleophobic Coatings - these are the outermost coatings and that repel water and resist oil from your hands

How to Choose Lens Colors

WaterLand currently offers 3 different lens colors: Green, Blue and Silver

Green Lenses - High Contrast

High contrast lenses are extremely important for sight fishing flats and shorelines. The green mirror overlaid on a copper base lets you visualize objects throughout the entire water column, especially in sunny conditions. Detect fishing line movement, discover beds, and see the subtle water swirls that will catch you more fish.

Blue Lenses - Bright Sunny and open water

These lenses work best in bright, sunny conditions on the open water. Glares are minimized so that you can quickly see underwater stumps, grass edges, structure changes, and bait flickers.

Silver - all purpose on and off the water

Everyday sunny and cloudy conditions. They are designed for the lifestyle angler who wants to wear them on and off the water.

My recommendation for only buying one color lens would be the high contrast green lens. The color I find myself using the most.

7 Different Lens Choices

WaterLand has 7 different frame styles to choose from, but my three favorite frames are listed here:

Prescription sunglasses are available

WaterLand prescription sunglasses come standard with technology that enhances clarity and range of vision. They come standard with all of the WaterLand features offered in each of their lenses. You end up getting the best of both worlds, your eye prescription along with all the polarizations, scratch resistance, etc.

My experience with the glasses

I’ve been wearing these glasses for a long time now, and I highly recommend them. I’ve heard nothing but great feedback from people that have bought them. I fish a lot of clear water and have seen fish, shad, grass lines, brush piles, and rocks with my WaterLand glasses. They’ve helped me catch fish. I’ve had people try on the glasses while on the water with me, and they were blown away at what they saw. They ended up ordering a pair.

Now is a great time to get a pair of glasses. With the Holiday’s around the corner, treat yourself to a pair of sunglasses, or let your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, or whoever know you want a pair of WaterLand sunglasses. Send them my discount code, Luna15, and the WaterLand website,, and the specific frames and lens colors you want, so they can order you a pair.

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