The Drop Shot Rig - The tackle you actually need!

The dropshot is a staple finesse fishing technique. It has become a technique that pretty much every bass fisherman has to learn. We all love to power fish, cover water, and throw reaction baits, but there are times where we have to slow down and entice those finicky fish to bite. This latter situation is where the dropshot really plays a factor.

There are a ton of different tackle options available to you when it comes to the dropshot. I'm going to break it all down for you, and make it simple. This article is not a how to article. This article is all about simplifying what you ACTUALLY need to fish the dropshot.


There are a number of different worms on the market you can use to dropshot fish. The 4 specific baits I selected will catch you fish anywhere you go fishing. These green pumpkin and watermelon based colors catch fish all over the country. When in doubt, fish a green pumpkin or watermelon color!

The Zoom Finesse Worm in Watermelon Seed is one of my favorites, and then the green pumpkin color is a close second!

Another awesome worm I'd suggest you use, is the Strike King KVD Dream Shot in green pumpkin or candy craw colors. These are staple colors you can keep in your arsenal.


Like worms, there are numerous options out there when it comes to the dropshot. There are a lot of hooks, and brands that I have used, but I want to share some that I been throwing a lot of recently. Owner Hooks are awesome hooks, and they have all your hook needs covered. Two of my favorite hooks for dropshotting are the Cover Shot for weedless presentations and a Mosquito hook for nose hooking presentations. These two hooks will get the job done and get those fish in your hands!


Another item you need to fish the dropshot is a sinker. Be sure to pick a dropshot specific sinker. They are designed for the technique and come with a specific type of swivel that will keep you from have to re-tie over and over. The swivel is designed to allow the line to slide through it, if you get snagged and can't shake the weight free. This saves you from having to re-tie every time you end up snagged. There are finesse style sinker, round style, tear drop style, among others. A great blend of them all is a tear drop style sinker. A WOO! Tear Drop sinker is a great option. Between a 1/4 oz and 1/8 oz you will have most of your shallow and deep water dropshotting needs covered.

I hope this article cut through the noise and all the options out there, and simplified the essential for fishing the dropshot. Check out the products listed above and go out and catch some fish!

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with and receive a commission off of purchased made through affiliate links. I appreciate you support of me through purchases from these links.

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