How to Fish a Football Jig

In this blog, we are talking about an awesome lure that can catch giant bass, the football jig. The football head jig is a bait that needs to be a staple technique in your arsenal!

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about a football jig is to fish it slow. You want to feel each and every piece of structure that is on the bottom of the lake. It's almost like you want to count each individual rock or piece of brush, and then you'll suddenly feel that bite that you've been seeking!

Fishing a jig is intimidating to some people, but I don't think it needs to be. I think it's a technique you need to put time into, in order to gain confidence in it, and persevere when it's not getting bit as often as a drop shot or other finesse presentation.

There are a ton of jigs out on the market and like many things, I make my own jigs. I have bought jigs online or from the tackle shop and caught fish, but I've been moving to using my own homemade jigs recently. I like that I can dictate how thick or thin the skirt material is, I can dictate the type of rubber that the skirt has, I can make the skirt as complicated or as simple as I want.

There are two different types of jigs that I fish. One is a stand up football jig and the other is a standard football jig. These two jigs impart different action from one another. The stand up jig looks like this:

Available for $2.50

And and the standard football jig looks like this:

Available for $2.50

As you can see the stand up football jig is upright and stands up the jigs trailer, and the standard head is parallel with the bottom. I've caught fish on both jigs, and don't know that one works better than the other. I fish them slow, and count the rock or brush, and try to detect the most subtle bites that I can.

You're also going to want a stout rod, and set the hook hard! Fishing a jig is generally a heavier line size. I use line in the 12-15lb test range, and almost exclusively use 15lb test. When I am fishing a jig, I generally set the hook almost immediately after I feel the bite. There are times where the fish aren't eating the jig as well, and you may need to wait to set the hook for a second, but from my experience these are smaller class fish.

I hope the information in this blog post will help you in you jig fishing, and give you a starting point. No article or blog post can substitute time on the water actually fishing a particular lure and learning as you go. Take the information in this article, and put your skills to the test!

If you want to buy any of the jigs I have available, go over to the the shop page and check them out!

Also, heres a link to a video I put out on my YouTube channel that goes into detail on how to fish a football jig!

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