How to Catch More Bass on Ned Head Baits - NED RIG bass fishing SUMMER

First off, I hope everyone is doing well and having a good summer!

Today is all about how to catch more bass on ned head baits ned rig!  I love to fish the ned rig when the bite is tough!.  It can be a great finesse technique catch a lot of fish!  I like to fish on a spinning reel, with a braid to fluorocarbon leader!  

Right now, and in the video below, I’m using Berkeley X9 braid with a 6lb test Seaguar fluorocarbon leader!  The rod is a Powell Endurance 732 and the reel is a Shimano NASCI. Those two products make for a good combo.  

The ned Head it self is one I make, and have ready for you right here on my website!  The Head has a super strong and sharp Owner Hook and a great keeper to keep that plastic on.  

I also made up a limited amount of ned worms, and they are up on my site as well!

If you go watch the video, you can see for yourself how these worms fish and how they do in fact catch fish!  You can also see for yourself that these baits float, which is a key factor for your ned rig plastic!

Here are some pictures on the ned heads and ned worms I have ready for you!

All the above items and more are available on my site!  

Here’s the link to my ned rig video!

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