How to CATCH FISH BOILING the surface

It's almost that time of year where the fish are going to breaking the surface and us anglers are going to be scrambling trying to figure out how to catch these fish. Sometimes it is very difficult to catch bass boiling the surface, and we end up wondering how do i catch bass boiling the surface. Sometimes we need to get creative, and in this video, I show a new was to catch these bass when they are difficult to catch!

Sometimes we need to show these bass some finesse! One of my favorite baits to fish on a drop shot is a KVD Dream Shot. It's a great bait to use when the fishing is tough and you need to drop shot in order to get a bite. However, I have also found that when you rig it with an exposed or Texas rigged Owner Cover Shot Hook you can fish it like a Zoom Fluke or other soft jerkbait and get these finicky breaking fish to bite.

Check out the linked video and you can get a better visual of what I am describing above. There are additional links below the video that show other tackle I was using in the video if you're wanting to add anything to your arsenal.


Diawa Fugeo Spinning Reel

Rod - no longer available

Comparable option

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