Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday's are here and we better plan ahead as best as possible! With that in mind, I wanted to pass along some items I think would be great gifts for yourself or someone else this year! All these companies and products had provided me with discount codes or affiliate links, so please take note of those and use them!

6th Sense Fishing - Use Code Luna10

Team 6 Rods

Brand new line up of rod from 6th Sense Fishing. I bought two of them for myself. I bought the 7'9" Extra Heavy Mod-Fast for big swimbaits like the Draw. I also bought the 7'8" Med-Hvy Moderate for mid depth crankbaits.

ESP Rods

The ESP rods have been around for a little while and I have been using two different ones. I have the ESP 7'2" Med-Hvy, Mod Fast and the ESP 7'9" Medium, Moderate. Both of those have been great for small and mid depth crankbaits.

6th Sense Super 6 Sack - Use Code LunaSuper6

Choose between monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and annual plans.

A Super 6 subscription gets you years and years of experience packed into one sack every month. You'll never have to question the quality of the Super 6 Sack like you might with other subscription bait boxes.

See an unboxing video of the Super 6 Sack here:

WaterLand Sunglasses - Use Code Luna15 Black Friday code: BF35

WaterLand has great sunglasses, I wrote a blog article and made a YouTube video with a deep dive into them. See that blog post here:

Here are some of my favorite frame styles:




GCI Outdoor - Use code MLF15

Firepit Rocker

Our low-ride fire pit chairs feature smooth rocking, padded armrests, and mesh backrests to keep you cool and comfortable all evening long!

Bi-Fold Slim Event Chair

A portable chair for those short on trunk space but still looking for full-size comfort, whether around the campfire or at the ball game.

Master Cook Station

This portable camp kitchen is packed with features (including a soft-shell sink!), making it the perfect addition to your tailgating or camping adventure.

Slim-Fold Cook Station

Outdoor cook stations should make meals easier no matter what’s on the menu. A hassle-free design offers convenience with tons of features, including fold-out side tables and hooks for trash bags or utensils.

Do-It Molds - Use this affiliate link:

Soft Baits Starter Kit -

This kit includes the most frequently requested supplies for someone just getting started. You can basically select this kit, and then purchase whatever molds you want. The only essential items not in the kit are your molds, heat source / Pyrex cup or pan, 2 Irwin bar clamps and an infrared thermometer (these items can easily be purchased locally).

Essential Series Starter Kit -

All the “essential” accessories needed to get started shooting your own plastics in one easy starter kit.

The Essential Series Molds are value engineered, giving the enthusiast a lower price point product, but still retain all the bait’s effective fish catching power. Our plastisol is easy to use, does not contain harmful phalates and out performs other products on the market. Our colorant and glitter for the Essential Series is engineered to be user friendly, cost effective and gives the customer amazing creative ability.


RESERVOIR Rain Shell Jacket

Never before have bass anglers had the advantage of staying completely dry while out all day in foul weather. With a 49,000+ water column rating (6X more waterproof performance in the field than the competition), our innovative technology is the advantage bass anglers have been missing.

While keeping you drier than ever before, each piece is expertly enhanced with key features such as our Casting Comfort™ System, which employs the action of casting as the engine that fuels your body’s ability to regulate its temperature.

RESERVOIR Rain Shell Bibs

When you’re on your feet all day, reaching to be the best, the most important aspects affecting your performance are comfort, range of motion and remaining Undeniably Dry™.

Worn and tested by professional bass fishing athletes, the Reservoir Bibs are what you need to up your performance, conquer the elements and stay out-there, from sunup to sundown.

Buck N' Bass also has an awesome Face Buff, Sun Shirt, and Mid Layer Jacket

Also, when you are shopping at any of these places, be sure to look for any stocking stuffers that they can offer! I know all these places have great options for filling up a fisherman's stocking!

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