Everything you NEED to know to about How to Fish a Senko or Stick Bait!

The Yamamoto Senko is one of the best baits available on the market!  I have been catching a lot of fish on the Senko lately and want to share how I fish a Senko with you!  

In the video linked below, you will learn how to fish a Senko effectively and be able to go out and CATCH MORE FISH!  That’s what we are all trying to achieve right?  

Fishing a Senko not only gives you the opportunity to catch a lot of fish, but it also gives you the opportunity to catch some BIG FISH!  And who doesn’t like that?  

I’ve found the Senko seems to work best around the spawn which is going on right now in many parts of the country!  Grab yourself a pack of Senkos or whatever stick bait you prefer, and take the information presented in the video below, and go catch some fish!  

It may even be a giant!  

Good luck!  


I’m and affiliate with Omnia Fishing and items purchased through links I include to their site in this email provide me a commission on sales generated.  Your support and purchases are greatly appreciated!  

Thank you in advance!.  

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