How to Catch Fish in Deep Water

Catching fish in deep water can be a daunting task for many people. Many bass fisherman stay shallow and miss out on a large population of deep water bass. They can be largemouth bass, smallmouth bass or spotted bass. All the species of bass can be caught deep.

Fishing deep water is also a relative term. Where I normally fish, deep water is in excess of 20 feet, where for other people fishing deep water can be in the 10 foot range. No matter what your idea of deep is, fishing in deep water is something you need to learn how to do.

There are a lot of fish to be caught in deep water. There are also a lot of techniques that will help you access those deep water bass. In the below video, I discuss a number of different techniques to help you target deep water fish. Some of the techniques are the carolina rig, jig, drop shot, and reaction baits!

Watch the video and learn more about how to catch bass in deep water!

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