Catching shallow BASS on SPAWNING Beds

I was out for redemption during this trip and was on the search for some largemouth bass. Bass fishing in March can be very different around the country, and once I got on the water I found shallow largemouth bass, and some of those fish were spawning. Bass spawning seasons, are much different around the country. The bass spawn earlier in in the year places like Florida, and much later in the year in places like Minnesota.

The clear water at the lake I was fishing made it easy to see a lot of fish cruising shallow, and I was also able to see bedding fish. I didn't see any fry in the water, so it appeared we were in the early stages of the spawn and some fish would still be in the prespawn stage.

A lot of time prespawn bass will cruise the bank looking for a place to bed and a great prespawn lure is a Yamamoto Senko. I was able to cast the senko into shallow water and not spook these fish. I caught a number of fish on the senko. When the bass find the location where they are going to bed, they will stay there and guard the eggs are on the bed. I was able to catch these spawning fish on a 6th Sense Devine Shakey Head! I was able to pitch the senko onto the bed, and entice these fish that were trying to protect the eggs.

Overall the trip was a good one and I was able to catch a lot of fish! Make sure to take a look at the full list of gear used on this trip below!

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Equipment Used in this video:


Shimano Curado K

Shimano NASCI


Seaguar InvizX 12lb Test

Baits and terminal tackle

Yamamoto Senko

Owner Cover Shot Hook

6th Sense Divine Shakey Head - Use code "luna10"

Powell Rods

Shakey Head Rod

Senko Rod

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