Catch more fish on the Jika Rig

I’ve been fishing the Jika Rig for a while now, and I’ve had some epic days on it. I started fishing the technique at San Vicente in San Diego County. The lake is super clear, super deep, and has a ton of deep trees. The fish hide in those trees year round. There are trees and brush from the bank out to 100 feet of water. By changing the weight of the jika rig, you can fish it shallow and deep. It is a very versatile presentation.

If decide to put the Jika Rig together some hook options are an Owner Offset Worm Hook or Owner Softbait Hook.

You’ll want to choose whatever size hook pairs up to your plastic of choice. A great soft plastic worm option is the 6th Sense Divine Shakey Worm in either the 6.3” or 7” version.

The drop shot sinker portion of the rig is pretty self explanatory as well. You’ll need to choose a heavier weight for deep water and a lighter weight for shallow water. You’ll also want to take a pair of split ring pliers and open up the area where you’d typically insert your line into when using the weight traditionally on a drop shot.

Next, you need to connect the hook and sinker together and one of the best ways to do that is with spilt rings. Some great split rings are the Owner Hyperwire Split Rings and the size 2 or 3 are good sizes to use. Take a pair of split ring pliers and attach one split ring to the hook, and the other split ring to the drop shot weight, then attach the two split rings together and now your Jika Rig is ready for your soft plastic of choice and tying it to your line. When it comes to tying the Jika Rig to your fishing line, make sure to tie the line to the split ring that is connected to the eye of the hook.

I like to fish the Jika Rig, just like any other worm technique. Cast it out, fish is slow back to you. This technique can be fished from a boat, kayak, tube, or from shore. It has done really well in thick brush and trees.

I’m confident that if you get this rig going, and fish it slow, you will catch some fish!

For a free guide on the Jika Rig that can be downloaded, CLICK HERE. This guide contains more suggestions about rods, reels, line, and more!

Check out more Jika Rig content by clicking the video links below!

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